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Military and executive portraits are Mr. Robbins' main area of focus. However, as with most artists, his total creative output is more diverse. These galleries feature some of his more decorative works, followed by descriptions of several planned projects.

Planned Works

The Four Seasons - The four seasons will each be depicted in a series of four large allegorical paintings measuring 48"X48" (122cmX122cm). Each will feature a beautiful draped figure in an appropriate idyllic landscape.

The Four Winds - Winter Wind and Summer Breeze featured in the sculpture gallery above were intended to be part of a series of four bronze statues, allegorically depicting seasonal winds. Sadly, those sculptures were lost before they could be molded and cast. However, I have every intention of beginning this project again, and adding Spring Zephyr and Autumn Gust to the list. Each statue will be between 36" - 48" (76cm - 61cm) tall. 

Don Quixote - Cervantes' wonderful story of Don Quixote and his heroically misbegotten adventures have been inspiring to me for many years. I cannot help but ask, was Don Quixote truly mad? Or did he choose to see the world as something more fine and magical than others, and was unwilling to have his reverie sullied by "reality"? The answer to both questions is probably YES. I've had the good fortune to know a Don Quixote in real life; not only in temperament, but also in physical appearance.

My plan is to create multiple large painted portraits of Don Quixote in the style of such old masters as Velasquez and Rembrandt. One of these is uniquely special to me. That uniqueness is reflected in the title it will bear - Quixote Triumphant! It will depict him in beautiful clothes and finely polished armor, rather than the rags, and rusted and battered relics he wears in the book and movies. You see, this depiction of Quixote is meant to reflect the way he sees himself. Perhaps all of my portraits of him will reflect that perspective. I also plan to create another bronze bust of Quixote, and probably also at least one full-figure statue.

Grand Chess Sets - Not only is chess a wonderful game, but it provides splendid opportunities for sculpture. There are several sets I have been yearning to create for years, that will be the epitome of exclusivity. This will be due to several factors. Firstly, their scale. The pieces and pawns will be bronze statues. The pawns will be at least 12" (30.5cm) tall, and the kings may be as tall as 24" (61cm), with the other pieces being appropriately proportioned. Secondly, of necessity, the game board will be a substantial piece of custom furniture, and will come with two matching companion tables for accommodating captured pieces. Thirdly, each set will be produced in an extremely limited edition. Finally, each set will feature a one-of-a-kind edition in which the pieces and pawns are either covered in gold (black side) or platinum (white side), and may also be bejeweled in some way. The themes of each set are as follows:

     Olympian Chess Set - This set will feature the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece pitted against each other, with either Spartan or Athenian hoplites acting as their pawns. The game board and companion tables will feature tile mosaic tops with appropriate decorations or heroic scenes in an ancient style. The remaining parts of the game board and companion tables will be cast in bronze, and the one-of-a-kind edition will include a unique pair of klismos-style chairs.

     Caesar vs. Pompey - The clash between two of ancient Rome's greatest generals, the one which transformed her from a republic into an empire, will be the dramatic theme of this heroically-sized chess set. The tops of its game board and companion tables will also be tile mosaics in an ancient style, and will feature scenes from their mythical history. The one-of-a-kind edition of this set will also include a unique pair of chairs.

     The Third Crusade - Another of the greatest clashes of history were the battles between the unified Muslim army under Saladin and the crusader coalition led by Richard the Lionhearted. The chess set based on this contest will be truly epic in every way, for it will only be produced in a single edition. That is because the pawns and pieces will not only be cast in bronze and covered in either gold or platinum; nor will it be because each piece and pawn will be a unique sculpture without duplicates in the set. It will be because this edition will be nearly LIFE-SIZED! As such, it will not come with a game board and companion tables, but will be played on a floor-sized marble game board. In spite of their size and weight, heavy-duty ball-bearing casters in the bases will allow these pieces to glide across the floor with minimal effort.

I have visions for several monuments honoring WWII, the Cold War, and the Special Operations community of the US Military. But the scope of those projects may be too ambitious and involved to go into here. However, feel free to contact us regarding any of the planned projects named above which may interest you.

Cameron John Robbins, The Gentleman Artist is represented by Mr. A. Joseph Galli IV.

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