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Commissioning a premier bespoke portrait from the Gentleman Artist is a prestige investment. But the returns on that investment will have a remarkable impact on your personal and professional life. It will also establish for you an immortal legacy. However, only ten commissions are accepted per year. Thus, few people can avail themselves of the opportunity to own a premier bespoke portrait by the Gentleman Artist.

We use the same materials and techniques as the old masters. That means a portrait of you will endure for centuries to come; vibrant, alive and undiminished by time. Like the Mona Lisa and so many others, one day it might even be acquired by a museum. There it would become an object of wonder, and speculation about what you were thinking when it was painted. This is what it truly means to establish a legacy - to be vividly remembered - for the essence of your personality and your most cherished ideals to endure through time.


Many providers of luxury products and services are renowned for the experiences they deliver to their clients. Companies like Rolls Royce provide the model for what we at the Gentleman Artist Studio want to bring to the bespoke fine art industry. We want your interaction with us to be extraordinary in every possible way. Click the button below to explore the full range of options, and feel free to enquire about anything else you may fancy.

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Bronze portrait busts and bronze monuments in any size are also available. Amounts for such commissions must be determined on a case-by-case basis, according to the details of the project.

Because of the limited availability of commissions each year, a waiting list is necessary. A deposit of 20% of the commission (nonrefundable) is required to secure your place on the waiting list. This investment also enables work to begin on your portrait at the scheduled time. The balance is due upon completion of your portrait and comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Because of their bespoke nature, fees for services chosen from the concierge menu must be determined on a case by case basis. Such services also require greater interaction with you throughout, so that your greatest desires can be fulfilled. These services may also require separate financial arrangements to ensure the desired outcomes.

In appreciation for their service, active-duty military personnel are entitled to a substantial discount on commission amounts. Two of the ten commissions available each year are reserved exclusively for them. Enquire now for details.

N.B. The necessary investment for portrait commissions is due to be raised in the near future, and the current amounts may only be available for a limited time.

Reserve your place on the waiting list TODAY to take advantage of this opportunity.

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Commissioning a bespoke portrait is a unique opportunity, with a host of options to choose from. To assist you in developing your vision, we have prepared a questionnaire which covers the various

considerations. Use the button below to open it.


The Gentleman Artist employs the same indirect painting process used by many of the old masters. Called 'indirect' because some areas of the painting, such as faces, are built up in progressive layers. As such, seeing a portrait mid-process can be confusing or distracting for some viewers. Please feel free to review the gallery below to familiarise yourself with this process, so that you may enjoy seeing the development of your own portrait commission all the more.

Use the button below to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Cameron John Robbins, The Gentleman Artist is represented by Mr. A. Joseph Galli IV.

Contact us today to reserve your place on the waiting list.

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