"I never worked hard until I got to Howard Law School and met Charlie Houston... I saw this man's dedication, his vision, his willingness to sacrifice, and I told myself, 'You either shape up or ship out.' When you are being challenged by a great human being, you know that you can't ship out."

Thurgood Marshall

* Why can't that great human being who challenges you to become better be YOU?

Not everyone can appreciate the power contained in a classical fine art portrait. And few people have the wherewithal to acquire one. Commissioning a portrait from Cameron John Robbins,The Gentleman Artist requires a great investment when compared with other contemporary portrait painters. But the returns on that investment are well worth it. However, only ten commissions are accepted per year. Ergo, still fewer people can avail themselves of owning a premier military or executive portrait as painted by The Gentleman Artist.

Mr. Robbins uses the same materials and techniques as the old masters. That means a portrait painting of you will endure for centuries to come; vibrant, alive and undiminished by time. Like the Mona Lisa and so many others, one day it might even be acquired by a museum. There, every day, people would come to see it, marvel at it, and speculate about what you were thinking when it was painted. This is what it truly means to establish a legacy - to be vividly remembered - for the essence of your personality and your most cherished ideals to endure through time.

And for those who truly require the best of everything, there's more!

Because you are an exceptional person, and because The Gentleman Artist Studio is dedicated to providing you with an extraordinary experience, we offer a premier concierge service practically unheard of in the art world. Available services include:

Expert consultation with Mr. Robbins to help you develop a vision for your portrait.

A first-class spa day. Prior to a photo shoot to obtain references for your portrait, you can enjoy a day of luxurious personal attention. Your spa day can include anything from a haircut and hair styling by a premier stylist, a manicure, a shave or make-up done by a professional (if applicable), time in a sauna, a massage, and a shoe shine. We want you to feel like the supreme version of you before we ever take the first photograph.

An outstanding professional photographer to take your reference photos. The better the reference photographs, the more detailed and life-like your portrait commission can be.

Expert style advice. If you wish, we will arrange for an expert style consultant to help you choose what you will wear in your portrait. We will even go further. Would you like your portrait to feature you wearing a new Savile Row suit, or a gown by a top designer? A new bespoke pair of shoes? Perhaps you'd like to wear a suit of armour made by one of the best armoursmiths in the world. Rembrandt painted himself in various costumes many times. It can all be arranged, and we will be delighted to provide consultation, and help with making arrangements for everything you wish. Your portrait is meant to capture the supreme version of you, whatever that may look like. 

A personal guided tour of some of the greatest portrait collections in the world. There is nothing like seeing fine art portraits in person, and there are so many historical examples from which to draw inspiration.

A one-of-a-kind frame designed and made especially for your portrait. A portrait painting can be like a play. An exquisite stage setting can help an extraordinary actor give an even greater performance.

Reference photos taken on location. If you would like to have a special, even exotic location serve as the backdrop for your portrait, we can make arrangements to take you there in style, including first-class travel and accommodations.


A gala unveiling event. If you would like to unveil your completed portrait to your family and friends in grand fashion, we will happily make the arrangements for an unforgettable event, catered to your tastes.

If there are any additional services that would make your experience even better, do no hesitate to ask. We will do all we can to provide the most unparalleled service in the art industry.

Larger than life-sized bronze portrait busts and bronze monuments are also available. Amounts for such commissions must be determined on a case-by-case basis, according to the details of the project.

A deposit of 20% of the portrait commission amount (nonrefundable) is required to secure your place on the waiting list. This investment also enables work to begin on your portrait at the scheduled time. The balance is due upon completion of your portrait and comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Amounts for additional services chosen from the concierge menu must be determined on a case by case basis. Such services also require greater interaction with you throughout the creation of your portrait so that your greatest desires can be fulfilled. These services may also require progressive investments to ensure the ultimate outcomes.


In appreciation for their service, active-duty military personnel are entitled to a substantial discount on commission amounts. Two of the ten commissions available each year are reserved exclusively for them. Enquire now for details.

N.B. The necessary investment for portrait commissions is due to be raised in the near future, and the current amounts may only be available for a limited time.

Reserve your place on the waiting list TODAY to take advantage of this opportunity.

Cameron John Robbins, The Gentleman Artist is represented by Mr. A. Joseph Galli IV.

Contact us today to reserve your place on the waiting list.

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