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Story and Philosophy

My Story

When I was a teenager, my family and I visited Washington's Crossing in New Jersey. In the visitor's center was a reproduction of Gilbert Stuart's famous unfinished portrait of George Washington. There was something about that painting which struck me with such force that I remain captivated by it to this day. It vibrates with so much living presence, and captures so many admirable qualities. In fact, I have often paid homage to it in my own work.

I have always been an artist, but it was a long time before I dedicated myself to being primarily a portraitist. My original artistic motivation was, and still is, to create work which I want to have in my own life - art which beautifies, inspires and ennobles. It is about deliberately creating environments which are attractive, and support the greatest human achievements. My philosophical approach to portrait painting was born out of that impulse. 

Overcoming Adversity Requires Mastery

Pursuing a career as an artist is a struggle. There are no two ways about it. Although I graduated from a university art program, such credentials mean very little. All that matters is what one can do, and it is imperative to improve in every way possible. Life is like that for everyone. It's just that the lives led by many people seem to camouflage that fact. In the arts, there is no escaping it. Struggle is often the best teacher, and I have learned a great deal from long years of experience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. No doubt you can relate.


What I Have Learned

Through the process of painting over 100 portraits, I have come to realize their unique power for good. The most successful people know the vital importance of creating a powerful personal image. From Julius Caesar to George Patton, a clear personal image has always been a major contributor to success. Even the laid-back persona created by Steve Jobs' signature black turtleneck and blue jeans had calculated power in it. A painted or sculpted portrait is far more than a reflection of you as you are. It can be an immortal vision of you as you wish to be.

What I Am Aiming For


When I create a portrait, I strive to depict someone at their most noble, honorable and brilliant. It seems reasonable to suppose that living with that depiction will help that person embody and manifest those qualities. It can be a daily reminder of the kind of person one is striving to be. And when they are a leader whose decisions impact the lives of thousands, or even millions of people, that inspiration can only be a blessing to all. That potential for creating wide-spread good through inspiring exceptional leaders and achievers to be their best has become my personal mission.

How a Portrait Can Bless Your Life

The right portrait is a powerful means of communication. It can be both inspirational and aspirational. It can even be intimidating. On its own, it has a robust presence. But when a premier military or executive portrait is combined with a carefully designed home or business environment, it sets an unmistakable tone. That tone rings of superior quality, exceptional performance and high expectations. It speaks of a place where people are ever-striving to reach their ultimate potential. But it is the portrait which provides the guiding and unifying locus of such an environment.


Imagine the impressions such an environment would make on everyone who enters it. How would each person feel in such a space? What might they begin to expect of you, of your business, and of themselves? How might visions of what is possible expand? Now imagine the myriad rewards that kind of inspiration could bring to your business and your life.

Why Fine Art Portraits are MORE POWERFUL Than Photographs



Fine art portraits are universally impactful. They impress viewers far more powerfully than photographs can. In this modern world where millions of forgettable selfies are taken and shared every day, fine art portraits stand out as the anti-selfie. They are a carefully crafted image of you that will endure for centuries, filling generations of people with wonder and awe. They offer nothing less than a kind of immortality. My grandfather wrote a humorous poem which emphasizes this point.


Yours for the Taking

Historical photos bring to mind

the fact that fate can be unkind.

Some passers-by are snapped full-feature

beside some hero or lowly creature.

While I am seen as a blurry spot

that may be me, and maybe not.

No one aspires to be that unknown blur in life. Fine painted and sculpted portraits are a guaranteed antidote. The very nature of them compels people to ask who was this person? In 1884, John Singer Sargent painted an American socialite who'd married a French banker. She lives on today as the elegant Madame X. In 1665, Johannes Vermeer dressed an unknown Dutch girl in an orientalist costume and painted her portrait. She will forever be known as the beautiful Girl with a pearl earring. And let's not forget the lovely woman with the enigmatic smile. Leonardo da Vinci's immortal Mona Lisa is perhaps the most famous portrait of all time! And for as long as these portraits have existed, people have yearned and ceaselessly searched to know more about who these people were.


What do you want YOUR most enduring image to be? A selfie? A picture from a press conference? A snapshot taken in ambush by the paparazzi? Or do you want just one expertly crafted image that reflects the best version of YOU?


How a Fine Art Portrait Can Pay Dividends

Instead of photographs, imagine large painted portraits of each top-level executive hanging on the walls of company headquarters. What a BOLD statement that would be! How might those executives perform if they were met every day with an image that showed the loftiness of what is expected of them? Such a portrait would be an investment in them and a commitment to them. Such a portrait could also increase the commitment from them. The same could be said if every partner in the firm had one. The right fine art portraits are an investment that can pay incalculable dividends in human performance.




Imagine the impressions such a display would make on prospects and clients, not to mention adversaries. How might negotiations proceed if those sitting across the table from you had to make their pitch with imposing portraits looming over them? Such portraits could help you to DOMINATE the exchange before you even enter the room. A company that created such an impression would stand well above their competition, even in the most elite markets competing for the most sought-after clients. Premier military and executive portraits make it clear that you are NOT an ordinary person, and yours is NOT an average company. Failure to make such things dramatically clear could literally mean leaving money on the table.

How It Can Establish a Legacy

Now picture the walls of the most gorgeous home you can imagine. On the walls hang beautiful painted portraits of your family - your ancestors, your children and yourself. Multiple generations of your posterity wander the halls and delight in regaling each other with tales of those forebears pictured in those portraits. Now imagine your great-great-grandchildren standing in front of your portrait, knowing it was YOU who created the life that they enjoy. Commissioning such a portrait would truly be an investment in yourself and your legacy. No photograph ever taken can do this with the same longevity and power.

"You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand."

Woodrow Wilson


Present a Peerless Image

A premier portrait by The Gentleman Artist will show the world what kind of person you are striving to be. It will help you to become that person by keeping that visualized goal clear and present. It will be a priceless piece of daily inspiration and aspiration for all who see it.

Establish Professional Dominance

A premier portrait by The Gentleman Artist will help you to establish professional dominance. When it is part of a carefully designed environment, it communicates in unmistakable terms that you are NOT an ordinary person and yours is NOT an average company. It will do this even and especially in the most elite markets competing for the most exclusive and sought-after clientele.

Establish a Legacy

A premier portrait by The Gentleman Artist will be an instant family heirloom that will inspire future generations for at least the next 100 years. Because of the quality of the materials used, it will remain vibrant and alive through the centuries.

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