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At the Gentleman Artist Studio, we do more than create portraits which will endure for centuries. Using materials and techniques perfected by the old masters, and offering a suite of additional concierge services unprecedented in the fine art industry, we create portraits which will propel you to the pinnacle of human achievement, and establish for you an immortal legacy. Designed to inspire, these portraits are not for the diffident. They are only for those who have the courage and determination to maximize the greatness within them. No doubt you are here because you are such a person.

The Dilemma of Success


On a mild spring evening, you enter a resplendent banquet hall for yet another $25,000 per plate gala fundraiser. You don't mind. The cause is a good one. Armani, Vera Wang and Valentino are liberally represented around the room. Versace and de la Renta are also putting in a few appearances. You casually adjust your cuffs and straighten your Charvet bow tie after sitting down at your table. The same old conversations are going on. Lloyd is telling Stephan about his new pearlescent white Rolls Royce Phantom. James is going on about his recently acquired Bugatti Veyron in purple and gold. Charles chimes in and says he has both of those cars in sea foam green. And he does. There's one in every crowd.


Does this sound familiar? 99% of the world's population will never know the rarified world of the ultra-successful. But you do. To most people, designer clothes and shoes, and luxury cars, jewelry and watches are status symbols to be dreamed of, but never possessed. But in the world of the ultra-successful, they are commonplace - mere accouterments of the expected uniform - the ordinary trappings of remarkable success.


So, what is left? How do you make your business stand out from your most elite competitors? Can your clients and prospects distinguish between you and the others, just by looking at you? How do you show that you are extraordinary, even within a peer group where everyone is exceptional? More importantly, how do you establish a legacy that will be inspiring now, and for generations to come?


My Promise to You


If you will give me the few minutes it will take to read this home page, then you will discover a secret that has contributed substantially to human achievement and the wealth of nations. It has been used by such legendary captains of business and industry as Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, the Vanderbilts, and the Rothschilds. It has been used extensively for centuries by royalty, the nobility, and the wealthiest of the wealthy. This secret is so exclusive that not many people can appreciate the power it contains, but those who do have reaped extraordinary rewards. The magic in this secret can bless you just as powerfully.

But be warned, this secret is too powerful for most people.

What is this secret? It is in one-of-a-kind fine art portraits of you. Such portraits have the power to inspire all who see them. They have the power to enrich, elevate, ennoble, and even intimidate. The most successful people know the importance of their personal image. They understand the absolute necessity of maintaining the clearest vision of desired outcomes. The power and magic contained in the best fine art portraits is that they can be much more than a reflection of you as you are. They can be an immortal vision of you as you wish to be - the ultimate version of you.

Why the RIGHT One Matters

Not all portraits are created equal. There is much more to an effective portrait than just creating a recognizable likeness. Any competent artist can do that. Many modern portraits of exceptionally successful people seem benign to the point of being banal. These portraits may be artistically en vogue, but they are mostly uninspiring. They often fail to capture the successfulprofessional image you have worked so carefully to create. After all, your success is something you have earned through hard work and sacrifice. That deserves to be represented well. It deserves to be shown in a powerful and inspiring way.


The Old Masters Did It Right

There are other portraits from older times, of children no less, which convey so much power and majesty that it would seem futile to try and send them to bed. There is hardly any practical comparison between these and most modern portrait paintings. After studying thousands of portraits, I was able to unlock the secret of what makes some portraits more powerful and inspiring than others.


As a consequence of my research, and experience with painting more than 100 portraits, I specialize in a very specific kind of portrait - what I call Power portraits and Hero portraits, or YOU+. I may be the only such specialist in the world. My portraits are designed to convey an unmistakable sense of stature, status and achievement. They leave no question as to whom is in charge - YOU! Click the button below for a fuller explanation of Power portraits, Hero portraits and the YOU+ philosophy.




Your Vision MATTERS


One's success in everything depends first on a vision of what could be. It is partly due to the clarity of that vision that success is finally achieved. My mission is to create a vision of your ultimate potential that will inspire and assist you in becoming all that you can be. That is why my portraits are not for the diffident.

Cameron John Robbins, The Gentleman Artist is represented by Mr. A. Joseph Galli IV.

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